252 Award Scheme

Abbey Bowmen will trial the 252 award scheme for the 2019 summer session from the 16th of June. The 252 badges are awards for achieving a score of 252 or better at different distances in the outdoor season. This scheme is used at many archery clubs and is designed to help you practice at different distances and reward your achievements.

The 252 score is set for Recurve Archer.  However, the required score is adjusted for different bow types and the score requirement for all bow types is summarised in the table below. Its only 3 dozen arrows and all can give this a go!

The award scheme starts for senior archers who have a 3rd Class classification or above at 40 yards.
Juniors (regardless of class) or senior archers who have not yet achieved a 3rd Class classification can start at 20 yards.

(All badges have “252” on them)


To be eligible for a 252 award the following rules need to be followed:

• Archery GB Rules of shoot to apply
• Six sighters.
Three dozen arrows to be shot immediately after 6 sighters.
• 5 zone scoring.
• Three dozen arrows can be shot on their own or as part of the first three dozen arrows of a longer imperial round.
• The round must be shot on an official club day (1pm to 4pm Saturday or 10pm to 1pm Sunday) or at an officially recognised club event (e.g MKAL, Charity Shield or Club Championships).
• Distances can be shot in any order. However, we recommend new members should claim awards in sequence.
• Scores need to be achieved and reported twice to qualify for an award.
• Qualifying scores for a given distance must be shot on different days.
• The official 252 award scheme score sheet must be completed in full and submitted to the appropriate committee member.
• A small charge may be made to cover the cost of the award badges.

For further information contact Stuart.