COVID 19 Club Rules

Rules & Procedures for Archers

The Latest information and guidelines can be found on the Archery GB

Covid-19 club guidance updated 29 April 2022

With the lifting of all remaining legal requirements around Covid-19 in England, we have updated our Covid guidance for the rest of the UK where some rules have been replaced with recommendations from 1 April. Documents and guidance can be found on the Archery GB site by following this link .

Covid-19 club guidance updated 29 April 2022 – Archery GB



Pre 2022 Rules , procedures and guidelines . THESE GUIDELINE NO LONGER APPLY 

The Club guidelines that operated throughout 2020-2021 remain below for historical record of that time 

The purpose of this document is to ensure that all archers using the field at Brogdale are kept safe.

If you wish to shoot whilst we are under these Covid19 regulations, you must reply to this email to acknowledge you have read and understood the rules and agree to abide by them by following the instructions at the bottom of the email.

These rules have been put in place to adhere to the ArcheryGB guidelines which are required for insurance purposes. These rules may change in line with ArcheryGB guidance in the future.

Personal Safety

! If you feel unwell, or show any symptoms of Covid19, or have been in contact with someone who has or is showing symptoms of Covid19, you should not attend the field.

! If whilst at the field or after attending the field, you experience symptoms of Covid19, please alert the Chairman immediately.

All archers must have a mask, cloth gloves and hand sanitiser at all times as part of your kit.

Hand Sanitiser – If you cannot get hand sanitiser you must bring good liquid soap and bottled tap water so you can clean your hands – REMEMBER THE 20 SECOND RULE

No one is to handle another archers equipment – unless you are in the same household

Handling Targets and Pins – must be done using gloves or hand sanitiser should be used immediately afterwards if you forget to put your gloves on. Target faces and 4 pins will be given to you on your first attendance – these must be taken home with you after shooting and brought back each subsequent time you shoot.

Booking sessions

There will be 2 sessions available per day to book:

MONDAY  – SUNDAY  10-1pm  & 1-4pm

All archery must be booked by Friday @ 8pm for the following week  using the Members Whatsapp group.

To book, send you name, whether you are a key holder, can field captain, and/or can move targets and the session(s) you would like to book for in the coming week. Requests after 8pm Friday will not be accepted.

Each session will be dependent upon enough archers being available to fulfil all the necessary roles for a session.

The weekly schedule, once confirmed by Kate will be posted on Whatsapp. Booking a session does not guarantee a slot. Some sessions may be cancelled due to lack of interest or unavailability of key role members in attendance. In the event of over-subscription to a session, some archers may not be able to shoot.

You should not turn up to the field unless your name is confirmed on the weekly schedule, sent out on Whatsapp each Sunday for the week ahead.

Field Captain One MUST be assigned each shoot. They will be responsible for all archers safety, to ensure that the rules are adhered to and see all targets are put away and the container locked. They are also responsible for handing out target faces and pins to archers on first attendance.

Target movers – Two target movers must be assigned per session who will be responsible for putting out and/or taking in all the target bosses. Gloves and masks must be worn when handling target bosses.

Can you and your companions handle a target? – If you cannot handle a target you MUST tell the club when booking your slot so that you can be paired with others who can.

Restriction on Numbers – Maximum of 6 targets. One household per target  OR  2 individuals from differing households.

DO NOT leave the field with Targets out, the assigned target movers for the last session should not leave until all targets are put away.

Sessions are 3 hour slots. Archers performing the roles should:

Morning session: Arrive 30 mins early to setup

Afternoon session: Be prepared to stay up to 30 mins after the session finishes to pack away.

[New] [UPDATED] Targets may be used by two archers from different households, when shooting outdoors, in two single details (as long as 2m social distancing is maintained); OR one archer;  OR  one group of archers of any size if from the same household

Cancellation: If you cannot make a session you have booked, you should let everyone know on Whatsapp and inform Kate as soon as possible.

At the field

Use the gate in the car park and drive through the fields to attend the shooting ground. Padlock number 2704. Take care when on Brogdale grounds as the public are doing self-guided tours and may appear from anywhere at any time.

Parking – Please leave lots of room around your car.

Morning session- park along the rope line but keep the area around the container clear. When leaving the session, please dismantle equipment next to your car.

Afternoon session – park in the adjacent field before the hedgerow leaving plenty of room between vehicles.  Set up your equipment next to your car and walk round to the shooting field.

Opening the container – must be done using gloves or hand sanitiser should be used immediately afterwards if you forget to put your gloves on. Masks and gloves must be worn when inside the container.

No congregation around the container. Except when moving targets, 2 metre social distancing between different households should be observed at all times.

Handling Club Equipment Must ONLY be done using gloves AND cleaned after use. This includes arrow puller, metal detector, hammer, rope, trolley, pegs, signs etc. cleaning your hands afterwards as well as the equipment you have used.

Moving of targets – Gloves and Masks MUST be worn whilst setting up and putting away target bosses.

Lanes 1,3,5,7,9 & 11 are the only lanes in use. Number signs should be put out to mark each target. Archers must stay within their own lane throughout the whole session and should not venture into other archers lanes to socialise during or between ends.

Using Club Bows and Arrows – If possible and after talking to the club, you should clean your chosen club bow and/or arrows and after use, take them home with you. The archer or the Field captain should register the bow number and arrows being borrowed by sending a Whatsapp message to the Chairman.

Pulling Arrows – must ONLY be done by the archer. No one else. No exceptions.