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Abbey Bowmen is a thriving club base in Faversham, Kent, enjoying long success. Abbey Bowmen was first established in June 1972, and in 2022 the club celebrated its 50th birthday !

Members of the club shoot recurve, compound, bare-bow and longbow. We are one of the top clubs in the Kent league and are proud of our record. Though we always strive to achieve more, first and foremost we believe that archery should be fun.

With over 50 members, we welcome newcomers of all ages and abilities and experienced members work very hard to help newcomers get started. Whether you are a complete beginner or journey-man, taking the sport really seriously or just looking to relax after work or at weekends, we will help you to get what you want from the sport. We believe archery should be accessible for all.

We welcome members of all ages and abilities. Our range supports Barebow, Compound, Longbow and Recurve styles, and reaches 100 yards and unlike many clubs in the county, we have our own outdoor range which is accessible to us 24/7. We have an active community of archers who use social media to co-ordinate extra shooting times outside of the official club times which are Saturday afternoons and Sunday mornings, and indoors on Sunday afternoons throughout the winter months.

As well as our own internal club tournaments that take place throughout the year, we also take part in the Mid-Kent Archery League which takes place once a month throughout the summer months. This is an informal league competition against out neighboring archery clubs and is a fun and friendly introduction to competition without the strict formalities.

We always try to ensure that archery is fun and throughout the winter we host a bacon sandwich Sunday once a month for club members whilst hosting our own club Frostbite competition- targets set at 30m and allows participation for all members from absolute beginners right up to veterans of the sport.