Abbey Darts Check-out Tournament

The annual Abbey Bowmen Darts Check-out tournament took place on Sunday 18th February 2018 with 15 archers from 3 disciplines vying to win the coveted Champion cup.  A game of some skill and a lot of luck, this competition allows beginners to compete on an even keel with the more experienced archers. 

The music played Irish jig to give the real pub atmosphere and the only thing missing was the alacohol! A jovial but competitive spirit ensured a fun competition, which saw a perfect 180, a rather impressive triple treble 1 and everything in between.  In the end the victors walked away with the cups, but unlike a real pub the losers did not have to nurse a sore head the following day.  

Congratulations to all our winners and a big thank you to everyone who took part. These tournaments would not be as much fun without your participation.


Gents Recurve “401”
Position Name Ends used to “check out”
1 Phil 6
2 Paul 7
3 Darren 11
3 Brendan 11
3 Alex 11
4 Jim 12
5 Stuart 14
6 Colin 15
Ladies Recurve “401”
Position Name Ends used to “check out”
1 Wendy 8
2 Kate 12
Junior  Recurve “401”
Position Name Ends used to “check out”
1 Joe 8
Gents Barebow “301”
Position Name Ends used to “check out”
1 Adrian 8
2 Mark H 10
Gents Compound “1001”
Position Name Ends used to “check out”
1 Mark J 10
2 Justin 11

Highest Scoring Ends

  • Gents Recurve highest scoring end – Phil (135)
  • Ladies Recurve highest scoring end – Wendy (100)
  • Junior Recurve highest scoring end – Joe (100)
  • Gents Barebow highest scoring end – Adrian (85)
  • Gents Compound highest scoring end – Mark J (180)

For more photos click here – darts-tournament-2018

Frostbite Result January 2018

The latest results from the Frostbite tournament.
Overall ranking

Updates and notes

The overall league – Looking at using the adjusted pure score for a points tie between archers. The adjusted score is based on the Somerset Country Archery Associations frostbite adjustment tables October 2016. The rules will be updated.

Amendments – Amended results will be highlighted in RED.

Draw between archers – A draw between archers is highlighted . Please see the rules for further information.

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