14th & 15th April 2018 at Brogdale

Dear Members,


On the 14th of April Brogdale are hosting the Hanami Festival. As this is a pay to enter festival, you will need to follow the instructions below to be able to access the field. These have been agreed between Abbey Bowmen and Brogdale.

  • CAR PARKING – We CANNOT park at the field. Please use the main Brogdale car park. Brodgale staff may direct you to an alternative, so please respect this request.
  • Archery GB Membership Cards – To park and access the field you may be asked to produce your membership card. If you do not do this Brogdale may deny access.  

Although the festival is only on the 14th it is highly likely that access will also be restricted on the 15th.

Please remember your Archery GB membership Cards.

Alternatively, sign up to the Abbey Bowmen Mid Kent League Team and come and shoot in a friendly competition at Crown Archers in Maidstone. Click here for more information.

Frostbite Result February 2018

The latest results from the Frostbite tournament.


Updates and notes

The overall league – Looking at using the adjusted pure score for a points tie between archers. The adjusted score is based on the Somerset Country Archery Associations frostbite adjustment tables October 2016. The rules will be updated.

Amendments – Amended results will be highlighted in RED.

Draw between archers – A draw between archers is highlighted . Please see the rules for further information.

If you want to email your frostbite scores please send to: abbeycompetitions@virginmedia.com or through the website contact page.

Abbey Darts Check-out Tournament

The annual Abbey Bowmen Darts Check-out tournament took place on Sunday 18th February 2018 with 15 archers from 3 disciplines vying to win the coveted Champion cup.  A game of some skill and a lot of luck, this competition allows beginners to compete on an even keel with the more experienced archers. 

The music played Irish jig to give the real pub atmosphere and the only thing missing was the alacohol! A jovial but competitive spirit ensured a fun competition, which saw a perfect 180, a rather impressive triple treble 1 and everything in between.  In the end the victors walked away with the cups, but unlike a real pub the losers did not have to nurse a sore head the following day.  

Congratulations to all our winners and a big thank you to everyone who took part. These tournaments would not be as much fun without your participation.


Gents Recurve “401”
Position Name Ends used to “check out”
1 Phil 6
2 Paul 7
3 Darren 11
3 Brendan 11
3 Alex 11
4 Jim 12
5 Stuart 14
6 Colin 15
Ladies Recurve “401”
Position Name Ends used to “check out”
1 Wendy 8
2 Kate 12
Junior  Recurve “401”
Position Name Ends used to “check out”
1 Joe 8
Gents Barebow “301”
Position Name Ends used to “check out”
1 Adrian 8
2 Mark H 10
Gents Compound “1001”
Position Name Ends used to “check out”
1 Mark J 10
2 Justin 11

Highest Scoring Ends

  • Gents Recurve highest scoring end – Phil (135)
  • Ladies Recurve highest scoring end – Wendy (100)
  • Junior Recurve highest scoring end – Joe (100)
  • Gents Barebow highest scoring end – Adrian (85)
  • Gents Compound highest scoring end – Mark J (180)

For more photos click here – darts-tournament-2018

‘Jingle All The Bray’ Christmas tournament

The Abbey Bowmen club annual Christmas indoor tournament ‘Jingle all the bray’ organised and administered by Stuart took place over the 1st and 2nd weekend of December. 19 archers over 4 disciplines competed for the gold medals in a very tight and competitive tournament. There were silly hats, Christmas music and friendly rivalry with six medals given out. Thanks to everyone who supported the event by taking part and congratulations to all the winners. The results are shown below.

Bray results 2017

Bray results 2017

September 2017 newsletter

Highlights from the newsletter:

We managed to raise £326.90 in aid of Cancer Research at our Charity events earlier this year, which incorporated the Big Archery Weekend have-a-go and the Stuart Attwood Memorial Shoot. Thank you to everyone who volunteered, took part or contributed.


This years Club Championship will take place on Sunday 24th September. The championship will be based on a Western round so it will consist of 8 dozen arrows – 4 dozen at each of your longest 2 distances. There will be prizes for the highest pure score round in each discipline but the overall winner will be based on the handicap system, so to be eligible for this prize you will need to have a handicap beforehand. If you are unsure whether you already have a handicap please ask one of the committee in advance of the event and they will advise how to get one. This will be an all day event with a break for lunch (bring your own) after the first distance. If you would like to participate please complete the entry form below and leave it in the pouch on the noticeboard by Sunday 17th September, or email Esti.


We will once again run a club Frostbite competition over the winter months (October to March). A frostbite round consists of just 3 dozen arrows shot at a distance of 30 metres with 10 zone scoring used. Oh and did I mention the target face is just a bit smaller than what we’re used to! Bacon Sarnie Sundays will also return on the following dates: 15th October, 12th November, 10th December, 14th January, 11th February, 11th March


  • Normal club practice takes place at Brogdale on Saturdays from 1pm-4pm and Sundays from 10am- 1pm year round – weather permitting.
  • During the winter months we are able to shoot indoors at Abbey School on Sunday afternoons. Dates and times will be available on the noticeboard once finalised.
  • Please help to get targets out before shooting commences and put them away at the end of the session.
  • If you arrive late please check with others already shooting on targets that there is space to comfortably accommodate you. If a target is over-crowded you can always put another one out with the help of other archers.
  • If you need to leave early please check to see whether you can help to put anything away before you leave.
  • Smoking is prohibited on the Field of Play, this includes the shooting area, including overshoot and all areas behind the shooting line to a point at least 5 metres behind the last archers equipment, tent or shelter.


A good archer:


*  Does not talk in a loud voice whilst others are shooting.


*  Does not talk to another competitor who obviously prefers to be silent.


*  Does not make any exclamation on the shooting line that might disconcert a neighbour in the

act of shooting.


*  Does not go behind the target to retrieve his arrows before his score has been recorded.


*  Does not walk up and down the shooting line comparing scores.


*  When calling scores does so in groups of three, for example ‘7-7-5’ pause ‘5-5-3’.


Our next beginners course will be held at Abbey School on Sundays 5th & 12th November. If you know of anyone who would like to attend please ask them to contact Wendy as soon as possible as there is already a lot of interest in this course. We can’t run these courses without the help of our members so if you can spare some time on one of these afternoons please let us know.